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Polaris Axys Extreme Running Boards  - flera färger & längder

Polaris Axys Extreme Running Boards - Flera färger & längder

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Customize your look with factory painted running boards for Polaris® AXYS® RMK®, the Extreme Running Boards are made of extruded aluminum and feature a bonded construction design. They resist ice and snow buildup and the machined surface provides increased boot traction over stock. Easy to install, they're completely removable and serviceable if damaged.



144" / 146" - MY17-20 SWITCHBACK ASSAULT, MY17-20 SWITCHBACK SP, MY 17-20 600 VOYAGEUR, MY17-20 RMK 144", MY18-20 SKS 146"

155"  / 163" - AXYS PRO RMK, RMK ASSAULT & SKS

174" MY17-20 PRO-RMK 174"

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